Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry, a groundbreaking and innovative technique in the world of dental care, has revolutionized the way we approach various oral health issues. At Arden Dental Center, we take pride in embracing this cutting-edge technology to provide our patients with minimally invasive gum surgeries, cavity treatments, and an array of other dental procedures.

With laser dentistry at our disposal, we harness the power of extremely small beams of light that are precisely focused to target hard or soft tissues within the mouth. This remarkable advancement allows our skilled dental professionals to perform a multitude of procedures seamlessly and effectively. From removing overgrown tissues to reshaping gums and even brightening smiles through teeth-whitening treatments, laser dentistry offers unmatched precision and unparalleled results for all your oral health needs.

Major Benefits of Laser Dentistry

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The focused beam allows for accurate targeting, minimizing damage to surrounding tissues and ensuring that only the affected area is treated. 

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Minimally invasive: 

With lasers, there is often no need for incisions or sutures, resulting in reduced bleeding and discomfort during and after the procedure. 

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Reduced trauma and swelling: 

Lasers reduce the trauma associated with certain treatments. Its cauterization effect reduces inflammation, promoting faster healing.

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Enhanced patient comfort: 

Laser dentistry offers improved patient comfort due to its non-contact approach. This benefits anxious patients.

Conditions That A Laser Can Address

Laser therapy, a cutting-edge medical technique that harnesses the power of light, has proved to be highly effective in treating an array of conditions. Here are some of them:

Gum Disease:

Laser treatment can effectively address gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. The laser targets and removes the infected tissue, eliminating bacteria and promoting healing.

Removal of Gum Inflammation: 

When gums become inflamed due to infection or irritation, laser therapy can be used to reduce inflammation. It helps remove the damaged tissue and stimulate healthy regeneration.

Gum Reshaping: 

Uneven or excessive gum tissue can affect the appearance of your smile. Lasers allow for precise contouring of the gums, reshaping them to achieve a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing look.

Regeneration of damaged nerves:

By carefully targeting specific areas, laser therapy can stimulate cell growth and promote the regeneration of damaged nerves. This technique allows for precise control over tissue repair.

Removal of tumors: 

Laser ablation involves intense beams to destroy cancerous cells while minimizing harm to healthy tissues. This method is particularly effective for treating small tumors located in delicate areas.

Treatment of tooth infection:

Dentists can use focused laser energy to eliminate bacteria that cause gum disease and disinfect infected pockets around teeth roots without damaging nearby healthy tissue.

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