We have all dreamt of having an unmistakably beautiful and straight smile at some point in our lives. Clear aligners are a series of transparent plastic orthodontic appliances that provide an esthetic and convenient treatment experience by moving teeth gently to alignment. They facilitate oral hygiene and cause less discomfort than fixed orthodontic wires and brackets.

Invisalign and Reveal have both been well-acknowledged as superior methods for restoring your smile. They each come with a set of clear aligners that gradually help shift teeth to the desired position, thereby straightening your teeth and giving you a glorious-looking smile. At Arden Dental Center, we offer Invisalign and Reveal clear aligners to help people achieve straight, healthy teeth.

What Are The Benefits of Invisalign and Reveal Clear Aligners?

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Invisalign and Reveal Clear Aligners are virtually invisible, which means those who choose them can undergo orthodontic treatment without feeling self-conscious about their appearance. 

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These clear aligners can be easily taken out when necessary. This flexibility allows individuals to enjoy their favorite foods without any restrictions and makes brushing and flossing much easier.

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The smooth plastic material of these aligners ensures a comfortable fit against the gums and cheeks, reducing irritation experienced with traditional braces' rough edges or protruding wires.

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Predictable Results

The advanced technology employed in designing Invisalign and Reveal Clear Aligners enables more predictable results compared to conventional braces. 

Process of Getting Invisalign/Reveal Aligners

With their discreet and virtually invisible design, these clear aligners provide a hassle-free way to straighten your teeth. The process of obtaining Invisalign/ Reveal aligners is as follows:

Initial Consultation

The orthodontist will evaluate your teeth and bite alignment to determine your candidacy and create a customized treatment plan if you qualify for Invisalign.

Aligner Fabrication

Digital impressions of your teeth are obtained using 3D scanning and are sent to a specialized lab to create virtual models of each stage of tooth movement throughout your treatment plan. 

Receiving Your First Set

You will receive several sets of aligners at once so that you can change them every one to two weeks according to your dentist's instructions. You need to wear them around 20 to 22 hours a day.

Regular Checkups and Adjustments

Regular checkups may be required periodically to ensure that everything is progressing according to plan and make any necessary adjustments along the way.

Invisalign and Reveal aligners can offer you both aesthetics and the comfort you need to have stress-free orthodontic care. Visit Dr. Lu, one of the best dentists in Wheaton, IL for your orthodontic concerns. Call us at (630) 529 0303 or schedule an appointment online today.


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