Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Dental emergencies are any issue that involves teeth and their supporting structures. It would be an injury to the teeth, gums, or other tissues of the mouth. No dental plight should be taken lightly as negligence can increase the risk of permanent damage or potentially lead to expensive dental treatment.

Common dental emergencies

Tooth pain

In situations when teeth begin to experience mild to moderate levels of pain that may be disturbing your day to day activities, the patient can attend to it by simple remedies. The patient can rinse their mouth with warm water or use dental floss to remove any food debris. Patients are advised to avoid painkillers or aspirin as it may burn surrounding tissues of the mouth. In case the pain doesn't subside, call your dentist immediately.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

A chipped or broken toothaches the result of a bad fall or injury. Any signs of bleeding must be attended to by applying gauze to the wound. Patients can also use a cold compress for the areas around the mouth such as cheeks, lips, or mouth.

Knocked-out tooth

If you ever come across a situation where your tooth has been severely knocked out there is no need to panic. Patients are requested to hold the tooth by the crown and rinse off its root with water. It is convenient if the patient can try and re-insert the tooth back in its place, but it is advised to never force it into the socket.

Lost crown

A lost or fallen crown would require seeing the dentist right away, If that's not possible, it is advised to use a cotton swab and apply a bit of clove oil to the affected area. 

Broken brackets and wires

Wearing braces for the first time can pose a challenge. Sticking brackets, wires may cause discomfort. In such situations, use the eraser end of a pencil to push the wire back into its place.

Soft-tissue Injuries

Any injury to the soft tissues can result in bleeding of the tongue, cheeks, gums,  and lips. In order to control the bleeding until a professional gets hold of the situation, rinse your mouth with salt-water solution, apply pressure at the point of breakage and hold for 15-20 minutes. In case the bleeding does not stop, the patient is advised to see a dentist right away.

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