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“Do you take my dental insurance?”

Our office accepts benefits from nearly all major insurance plans as long as they are PPO or better. Because we believe you deserve the very best care, our office is a non-restricted dental practice like many offices in Schaumburg and Glen Ellyn. 

Even though your insurance carrier may consider us out-of-network, we strive to support you in maximizing your dental benefits. We are very experienced in dealing with almost all carriers. We often find that for most plans, there will be an insignificant difference in coverage. We are always happy to check your insurance coverage and go over any questions or concerns you may have prior to your first visit. We will file your claim, handle all the paperwork, and help you receive the maximum reimbursement you are entitled from your insurance company.

Just give us a call at 630-529-0303 or email us at and we will handle all your insurance needs for you!

"What does my plan cover?"

Whether it is a simple filling or a complete smile makeover, let us help!  Before scheduling your complimentary consultation with Dr. Lu, feel free to delegate your insurance nitty-gritty to us.  We’ll get back to you shortly with what we find out and explain your benefits in details.  We would be happy to clarify any insurance vague language or convoluted clauses as well.  Feel free to call us at 630-529-0303 or email us at

Please prepare:

  • Policy holder name and date of birth.
  • Insurance company, ID number and group number.
  • Your social security number, if your insurance ID is not provided.

"No insurance?"

No dental insurance? No problem. Our patients don't need it in many cases! Many of our patients are physicians, business owners, and retirees with no dental insurance. Recognizing our patients' concerns over the lack of coverage, we designed an in-office membership program in 2015. Arden Smile Club has helped many individuals get a full suite of preventative services for a simple annual subscription fee or low monthly payments. In addition, members enjoy a 10% discount on all services without waiting periods or restrictions. Feel free to give us a call at 630-529-0303 .  We will be happy to analyze your individual needs.

Final Note: If you don't have dental insurance, don’t go to a dental office that is in-network.  An in-network office has different fee schedules for patients with different insurance plans.  Patients with no insurance ALWAYS have to pay the highest fees across all procedure codes at an in-network office.  In a nutshell, you are paying more for less quality to subsidize in-network patients’ dental care.

  • Arden Dental Center
  • Arden Dental Center

Arden Smile Club

The Arden Dental Smile Plan is an in-office savings program designed for patients without dental insurance. It is an easy and reliable way to help you save money while offering you the quality dental care you deserve. We hope that you will utilize this plan to improve and maintain oral health for yourself and your family.

Not only are your routine oral exams and regular cleanings fully covered, but you also save on major treatments like root canals, implants, and crowns. When you become a member of our discount program, you’ll pay Arden Dental Center directly when you come in for your appointment, but at a discounted rate. You don’t need to worry about filling out complex paperwork or waiting for reimbursements. There is no waiting period and everyone is accepted. There is unlimited plan usage for members. And members always receive a discount at the time of service.

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