Your Oral Health Grocery- List Must Haves!

Your Oral Health Grocery- List Must Haves!

Did you know that tooth decay is one of the most common childhood chronic diseases? However, with the help of a proper diet and great oral care habits, you can prevent it from affecting you and your family. Tooth decay is only one example of what could happen to you without these 10 food items on your grocery list. 

Going to the grocery store has a large impact on your oral health than you think. This store can make a large overall impact on the oral health of you and your family. It is the first step in taking care of your oral health.

Nutrition plays a key factor in the outcome of your oral health. Not only does a proper diet increase the health of our teeth, but also the gums. Teeth play a critical role in chewing up our food into tiny bite-size pieces which are more easily digestible. Your health all starts with the items you put in your grocery cart.  We need healthy foods to keep our teeth healthy and we need healthy teeth to keep our body healthy. 

Here are 10 Food Items you need on your grocery list:

1. Celery- Celery acts as a natural toothbrush. The texture of celery allows it to brush unwanted particles away. The vitamin A and C work as great antioxidants to build strong, healthy gums. Add chopped celery to your favorite lunchtime salad or smear some almond butter on it for a midday snack.

2. Cottage Cheese- This dairy product is a great source of protein without high sugar content. The proteins and calcium in cottage cheese help strengthen your teeth. A lack of calcium will lead to tooth decay.

3. Nuts- The chewing of nuts stimulates saliva production. Although they are a healthy snack, they are also high in fat. Stick to a ¼ cup of your favorite nuts for a great snack. Just be careful chewing as some nuts have hard textures. 

4. Water- Water is a great natural tool which you can use as mouth wash. It helps removes bacteria and particles that get stuck between your teeth. It also helps keep your mouth lubricated properly and brings acid to a neutral state—reducing cavities. The general rule is to drink half your body weight in fluid ounces. 

5. Leafy Greens- These low-calorie foods are packed with vitamins and minerals Leafy Greens such as kale and spinach contain high amounts of calcium to make your teeth stronger. They can be added to your favorite fruit smoothie, flatbread pizza, or baked into a crisp snack. 

6. Lean Meats- This is where you want to spend the bulk of your grocery budget. Protein will keep you fuller, longer while also re-mineralizing your teeth. Examples are chicken, fish, turkey, and egg whites. 

7. Green Tea- Green tea fights bacteria and lowers the acidity in your saliva. It also protects against cellular damage and can help prevent oral cancer. 

8. Garlic- Garlic contains allicin which fights periodontal disease and tooth decay. 

  9. Cucumbers- Cucumbers contain soft dietary fibers which massage your teeth and gums helping increase healthy blood flow. They will also satisfy your crunch without loading up on starchy carbohydrates. 

10. Strawberries- This tasty fruit is a natural teeth whitener packed with lots of Vitamin C to help reduce inflammation. It is also fruity with lower sugar content. 

These foods are grocery staples that can not only transform your pantry, but your mouth will definitely thank you! 


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