What is Advancing Salivary Diagnostics

What is Advancing Salivary Diagnostics

Welcome to the world of salivary diagnostics! Have you ever imagined that your saliva could reveal much more than just your taste preferences? Direct Diagnostics is a clinical laboratory and biotechnology company that is revolutionizing molecular testing by transforming salivary diagnostics. With cutting-edge research and groundbreaking technology, we are developing the next generation of saliva tests for infectious diseases and pathogens found in the mouth and periodontia. Let's dive into how Direct Diagnostics is advancing salivary diagnostics like never before!

What is Advancing Salivary Diagnostics

Advancing salivary diagnostics makes use of saliva as a tool to diagnose or detect various medical conditions. The technology studies the biomarkers present in the saliva to diagnose diseases, infections, and other health issues. By using molecular testing, this technology enables the identification of specific pathogens present in saliva that indicate infection or disease.

By leveraging the latest in qPCR technology, this proprietary HR5™ test helps identify the "high-risk" bacteria that cause systemic inflammation and disease. 

This technology also enables to monitor of changes in these pathogens over time, providing valuable insights into the progression of a condition and allowing for personalized treatment plans that meet individual patient needs.

Advancing salivary diagnostics has enormous potential to transform healthcare by providing faster, less invasive, and more cost-effective diagnostic options for periodontal disease.


Direct Diagnostics is changing the game in the field of molecular testing and salivary diagnostics. With their innovative approach to developing next-generation saliva tests for infectious diseases and periodontia, they are leading the charge toward a more accessible and effective form of diagnosis.

By using saliva as a diagnostic tool, patients can avoid invasive procedures such as blood draws or tissue biopsies. Additionally, with faster turnaround times and increased accuracy rates, healthcare providers can make better-informed decisions on patient care plans.

Direct Diagnostics' dedication to advancing salivary diagnostics will undoubtedly pave the way for more efficient disease detection methods in the future. The potential impact on public health is immense, making this an exciting time for both clinicians and patients alike.


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