Everything You Need To Know About CEREC

Everything You Need To Know About CEREC

The advancement in technology and the advent of powerful computers in recent years has enabled dentists to offer effective new-age solutions to many old problems. CEREC is one of those technologies to have emerged in recent years. An acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, the process seems complicated at first but isn’t at all. In this blog, we will give you an idea of how it works and its advantages.

CEREC - How does it work?

CEREC is a method of creating dental restorations at a dental office. Typically, these restorations are used to repair damage to your tooth from injury or decay. In fact, some dental offices have advanced equipment that helps design and create restorations using a computer’s help.

The restorations are crafted with the help of CAD/CAM, and the process involves creating designs based on scans of impressions with software and then sent to a specialized unit that fabricates ceramic replacements. Essentially, the CEREC process can be broken down into three steps.

  • After assessing the damage your tooth/teeth have undergone, the dental professional scans or creates an impression of your mouth.
  • Computer software is then used to design a model of your teeth to suit your specific needs.
  • The specifications are then sent over to a milling/grinding machine, which creates the replacement tooth with pinpoint accuracy.

What are the advantages of CEREC?

Here are a few advantages of CEREC compared to conventional forms of treatment:

  • Gets done in a single visit: You don’t need to make multiple visits to your dental office. With CEREC, the entire process will get done in a single day.
  • Accuracy: The milling and grinding machine that etches the replacement tooth out of ceramic are so accurate, you will barely see a millimeter difference.
  • No need for temporary solutions: As your process is done in a single day, there is no need for temporary solutions as a stop-gap.

CEREC may come at a marginally higher cost, but given that it solves your problem with a single dental appointment, it is the perfect solution for the fast-paced 21st-century crowd who value their time very much.


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