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Etiology of Gingival Recession

Etiology of Gingival Recession

Posted by DR. WEN LU on Oct 12 2021, 10:54 AM

Etiology of Gingival Recession

Gingival recession starts when bone dehiscence (breaking-down of bony structure) occurs due to  bone anatomy, tooth position, orthodontic treatment, inflammatory processes, or occlusal trauma.  In general, for every 1 mm of recession we see clinically, there is 1 mm loss of bone on the same root surface as a bony dehiscence. Most if not all recession and soft tissue defects are multifactorial. Below are some of the etiologic factors for gingival recession:


Buccal dehiscence

Frenal pulls

Bone loss

Anatomical abnormality

Pre-existing gingival recession

Toothbrush abrasion


Malpositioned teeth/ prominence

Orthodontic treatment

Biological width invasion

Oral habits

Subgingival restorations

Occlusal trauma


Iatrogenic causes

Such soft tissue gum defects are one of the most common yet most underdiagnosed oral health pathologies. Since these defects are often multifactorial, it is important to identify all possible causes to minimize or cease the defects to continue to advance. If you have any questions regarding your gum health or the diagnosis, prognosis, etiology, and pathogenesis of soft tissue gum defects, please call or text Arden Dental Center at (630) 529-0303 to book your complimentary consultation with Dr. Wen Lu today! Arden Dental Center is located at 303 E. Army Trail Rd., Ste. 421, Bloomingdale, Illinois 60108, easily accessible to all of Chicagoland via 1-290 and I-355. 

Stay tuned for our next soft tissue blog post: “Treatments of Gingival Recession.”

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