Different Types of Gum Diseases

Different Types of Gum Diseases

Gum disease is an infection that occurs in the mouth that can cause damage to the jawbone. It can turn into a loss of tooth if not cared to in the initial stage. Gum diseases are often called Periodontal diseases. Several types of gum diseases advance differently.

A few of the major types have been provided as below. 

Gingivitis: It is the tender form of gum disease. This initial stage of gum disease includes symptoms like swollen and red gums that can bleed easily. Lack of proper oral hygiene causes the disease. Treatment and practice of good dental hygiene help cure the disease without letting it advance into further stages. Several other reasons may cause gum diseases, including smoking, pregnancy, stress, and inadequate nutrition. 

Periodontitis: It is an advanced stage of Gingivitis that can cause damage to the teeth. Bacteria spreads and irritates the gums. The significant symptoms include bad breath and receding gums. In this condition, the gums may separate from the teeth and can cause further infection. It can lead to the loss of the tooth, and it may also destroy gum tissues. Expert dentists at Arden Dental Center help in analyzing the depth of the damage and treat it accordingly.

The different types of Periodontitis diseases are listed below.

Aggressive periodontitis: It increases the infection on a rapid level and causes major bone destruction. 

Chronic periodontitis: It causes bone loss and severe swelling of gingival tissues. Slowly, there might be loss of the tooth.

Systemic periodontitis: If the patient has diseases like diabetes, heart problems, and respiratory diseases, it can cause gum diseases called systemic periodontitis. 

On noticing any of the symptoms like swelling, bleeding gums, or redness, getting a proper oral checkup can help avoid infections that may lead to the loss of the tooth. An indication of gum disease will always be visible to people who check their own teeth for changes. Several treatments, surgeries, and therapies reverse the infections and help the patients gain their natural teeth back. 

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