5 Things You Should Know About Dental Implant

5 Things You Should Know About Dental Implant

Implants are a perfect way of retaining healthy teeth while also ensuring to provide a firm foundation to keep the dental prosthesis in place.

Several years ago, the only solution to replacing missing teeth was using removable dentures or bridges. Today, dentists can offer patients with stable means to repair and restore their missing teeth with titanium implants. 

So, what is a dental implant?

The Academy of General Dentistry implies that dental implants are screws made of Titanium that can be embedded into the jawbone to replace your missing teeth. Dental implants can be supported by artificial dental prostheses such as crowns, bridges, or dentures. 

During your first consultation for implants, the restorative dentist would examine your oral cavity to get an idea of the number of missing teeth and the dental implant requirement. 

Before you decide, implants are the right kind of restoration for you, and it's good to research a little about it. Here are a few facts about dental implants that you must know if you're planning to get implants.

1. Implants have an excellent success rate

Most patients are happy with their newly restored teeth. The success rate of dental implants would vary depending on the health of the jawbone and gums of the individual patient. Generally, implants are known to have a high success rate of 95%.

2. Teeth restored by implants appear natural

What differentiates an implant from your original teeth is that dental restorations are not real. The dental prosthesis is customized to look, fit, and feel like your natural teeth. The customized restoration would be fused to the jawbone, making it almost indistinguishable from other teeth.

3. Permanent restorations improve the function of the teeth

Dental restorations such as traditional dentures and partial dentures may make it difficult for you to carry out functions of the mouth. With implants, your custom restoration would be firmly embedded in the jaw bone. 

4. Implants replace your missing roots

Missing your teeth may create a void in the jawbone. Most dental restorations focus on restoring the outer damaged portion of the enamel. Dental implants focus on restoring the inner parts of the enamel, replacing the missing natural root. 

5. Dental implants preserve healthy teeth

Restoring your missing teeth with dental implants is a way of maintaining healthy teeth structures. By using implants, dentists can now affix dental crowns or bridges to the implant without having to disturb the neighboring teeth. Implants ensure that adjacent teeth remain healthy and functioning. 

More informed patients can better prepare for the dental procedure. Replace your missing teeth immediately to prevent the chances of spacing, gaps, or shifting of teeth.

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