5 Floss Hacks That Are Not For Your Teeth!

5 Floss Hacks That Are Not For Your Teeth!

Did you know you can use floss for more than just your pearly whites? Not only is this great oral care tool great to remove unwanted debris, but it can also be used for much more! We suggest throwing floss in your purse, gym bag, baby bag, and car to have ready to go at all times. 

  1) Removing a tight ring:

Have you ever had the problem of removing a stuck ring from your finger? Use dental floss to get it off. Here is how you do it. Cut a piece off about a foot or so. Stick the floss under your ring about six inches towards your wrist. With the long end, wrap it around your finger, well past your knuckle. Once passed your knuckle make a loop and tie it off!

2) Slicing Cake, Cinnamon rolls or even cheese!

Have you ever wished there was a magic way to cut even slices in seconds without using a dangerously sharp metal object? Or have you ever wished to cut cinnamon rolls without squishing them? The answer is dental floss! Cut a piece of floss plenty longer than your cake's width. Wrap the two ends around each of your forefingers a few times and get cutting!

3) Detach stubborn, baked-on cookies from a sheet tray.

Just slide a piece of floss under the cookies to separate them from the tray. Because the floss is so thin, it should lift the cookies off with no damage.

4) Emergency thread

“Sabina from Slip, Stitches & More gave this idea a go... and loved it. “The waxed type I really love because it makes the thread even stronger and if it can be used on what I am working on at the time, it will eliminate having to use beeswax to strengthen the thread while I’m hand sewing,” she wrote on her blog. But that’s not the only reason she likes using this dental product as a crafting supply. She also noted that it guides into a needle easily and smells great, too.”- Huffington Post

5) Separate stuck photos 

Hold your string taught and gently work it under one corner of the photo you’d like to remove. Moving slowly, use a see-saw motion, and slide the string back and forth underneath the photo, separating it from the adhesive backing. 

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